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Jozi Car Dealers is a proudly South African, 100% black man-


About us

Jozi Car Dealers is a proudly South African, 100% black man-owned full service panel beating company based in Benoni Gauteng Province, South Africa. The company has one simple specialty – restoring your vehicle and getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

Jozi Car Dealers was founded in 2008 by a dynamic man Mr. Josiah ZwelakheLukhele whose management style is innovative. His interest in establishing this company came while he was self-... Read more

Our values include:

Whatever you need – we’ve got you covered
To be the most preferred panel beating service provider by both clients and the
public & private sector; and be the leading Competent service provider.


 Our mission is to create and add value to customers through the provision of
high quality service anchored on ethical and sound business principles.
Provide a complete range of products and service to the best of our ability.
Establish an image as the best panel beating service provider.
Engage well trained personnel and stand by our products until our clients are
fully satisfied.



To provide jobs and improve our employees academically socially and
otherwise through skills development.
Offer jobs opportunities.
To serve our clients with outmost dignity and efficiency to maintain and keep
a good relationship.
To comply with all the rules and regulations that governs the job at hand.
To empower and support local women, youth.
To assist the government in reducing poverty & unemployment by creating
skills development opportunities.
The overall objective is to provide advice, assist&create opportunities and
resources to enable to acquire the skills, knowledge and related qualifications
to perform the tasks and duties effectively.
Panel Beating

Panel Beating

Most car owners make use of the services of a panel beater at one time or another


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